Activities for Young People

We offer a wide range of weekly musical activities for all young musicians across a broad range of musical styles and disciplines.

North Tyneside Music Hub offers a wide range of musical activities for young musicians of all ages and standards. The groups meet weekly in term-time and all opportunities are completely free of charge. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced musician, whether you like rock, pop or classical music we have something for everyone. Contact us and get involved!

Saturday morning sessions take place at the Langdale Centre, Wallsend. Mid week sessions take place  in a variety of venues.

We also offer regular workshops, play days and performance opportunities  at local, regional and national levels.

North Tyneside's activities are open to all young people attending school in North Tyneside and Newcastle. Although we encourage children to attend their local ensembles, we are very happy to also welcome children and young people from other areas to join us.

Saturday Activities

Music Theory Drop-in Session

Time: 9 to 10am and 11 to 12 noon

Music Theory drop-in sessions are open to all students (from beginners to those working towards Grade 5 theory and beyond).

Mixed Beginner Orchestra

Time: 9 to 10am
Group Leader: Fran Harris, Gareth Miller and John Rudkin

Designed as an opportunity for young players who may have recently taken part in a wider opportunities programme, our brand new Mixed Beginner Orchestra is suitable for any beginner instrumentalist.

Beginner Recorder Group

Time: 9 to 10am
Group Leader: Sarah Teoh

Recorder Group is open to those with some initial experience of playing recorder in school and for more advanced players.

Youth Training Band

Time: 9 to 10.45 am
Group Leader: John Flood and Selwyn Thompson

Youth Training Band is for brass, woodwind and percussion players working between around Grade 2-4 standard.

Concert Band

Time: 9 to 10.45 am
Group Leader: Alex Lewis

Concert Band is a wind band for more advanced players working at around Grade 5 and above.

Beginner Strings

Time: 10 to 12 noon
Group Leader: Liz Clark and Abigail Tickell

Beginner Strings is suitable for those just starting out on any orchestral string instrument up to around Grade 2 standard.

Children's Choir

Time: 10 - 11am
Group Leader: Gareth Miller and Selwyn Thompson

A choir for any young singer aged 6-11 who would like to opportunity to rehearse weekly with others and work towards performances and events.


Jazz Training Ensemble

Time: 11 - 12 noon
Group Leader: John Rudkin

A training ensemble for young musicians working around grade 2 - 3 who are interested in  playing jazz music and learning the basics of  improvisation.

Youth Training Strings

Time: 10 to 12 noon
Group Leader: Victoria Vasey

Youth Training Strings is for string players working between Grade 3-5 standard.

Senior Strings

Time: 10 to 12 noon
Group Leader: Pauline Brandon

Senior Strings is designed for string players working at around Grade 5 or above.

Youth Jazz Ensemble

Time: 10 to 12 noon
Group Leader: Lewis Watson

Jazz Ensemble works with more advance players towards performances and improving their understanding and knowledge of jazz and improvisation.

Recorder Consort

Time: 10.30 a.m - 12 noon
Group Leader: Sarah Teoh

This is a group for more advanced recorder players moving on from the beginner level.

Youth Orchestra

Time: 11 to 12 noon
Group Leader: Pauline Brandon

The Young Orchestra gives the young musicians from the North East the chance to play in a full symphony orchestra.

Midweek Activities

Newcastle Youth Choir

Day: Tuesday 
Time: 7 - 8.30pm
Group Leader: Tom Edney 

Newcastle Youth Choir is a group for young singers aged 10-18 who would like to sing with others and work towards a variety of performances and events:

Venue: Newcastle University

Emerging Artists

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6 to 8.00pm
Group Leader: Nicola Coaker - Nrthn Baby

Emerging Artists is suitable for those aged 11-18. The project aims to develop a wide range of arts-based skills around performance to build the confidence and creativity of each young person involved.

Venue: John Spence Community High School

North Tyneside Youth Choir

Day: Wednesday
Time: 5 to 6.00pm
Group Leader: Heather Gunn

North Tyneside Youth Choir is suitable for any young person who would like to come together on a weekly basis to sing with others. Members can also choose to attend the Emerging Artists project.

Venue: John Spence Community High School

Rock School

Day: Friday 
Time: 6 - 8.00pm
Group Leader: Bobby Proctor

These inclusive events offer schools and young people the opportunity to work alongside young musicians across the North East performing in larger regional venues

Venue: Traxx Rehearsal Studio


Upcoming Activities

Our Aims and Outcomes:

To enable all young people to enjoy music through active participation in creative group activities.

To develop musical skills and technical proficiency by engaging in challenging and exciting repertoire with expert guidance and tuition.

To nurture self-confidence and creative problem solving through the rehearsing and performing process.

To develop socially and culturally through working with others in a broad range of musical settings.

To foster an enthusiasm for life long learning in music and the creative performing arts.

To actively contribute to the cultural life of the community of North Tyneside and wider region through concerts and performances.



Steel Pans

North Tyneside Steel Band are partners with North Tyneside Music Hub. They recently celebrated their 30th birthday and are one of the most active steel band groups in the North East.  They love performing at public events, with recent highlights of performances at the London and Rotterdam Carnivals. The band offer a range of classes for different levels. Please note:  there is a charge for these sessions



NTMEH has a number of volunteers who support the work of the hub on a regular basis. We can also facilitate work experience placements and put you in touch with other local arts organisations who can help.

Battle of the Bands

Young Leaders

NTMEH have a number of young leaders who have been involved in the Standing Upright project and have now gained paid employment with the hub, as well as getting valuable work experience in the arts and music education sector.


Youth Voice

NTMEH is currently working with other hubs and partners to develop and improve opportunities for young people to have their say.

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