Frequently Asked Questions


A list of frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for my child to take part in Music Centre activities?

All our Music Centre activities are completely free of charge and we are open to new starters all year round. If your child would like to join one of our instrumental groups, they will need their own instrument. We do ask that parents/carers buy tickets to our concerts as this is our only source of Music Centre income. If you would like to make a voluntary donation, please see our donation page.

My child wants to learn an instrument, do you have an instrument loan scheme?

We do have a limited supply of instruments which can be loaned out to students however we ask parents considering this option to first get in touch with their child’s school, the school will then contact us regarding our stocks.

I am not receiving emails regarding the Music Centre; how do I get added to the distribution list?

Our Music Centre distribution list is created using the email addresses included on submitted Music Centre consent forms. Please submit a consent form for your child and your email address will be automatically added onto our Music Centre distribution list. If you have already submitted a consent form but are still not receiving our emails could you please contact us directly so we can review with you what the issue could be.

My child’s school is taking part in your event at Whitley Bay Playhouse, how do I get tickets?

We give a certain amount of tickets priced at £6 each, as an allocation to each school taking part so please get in touch with your school in the first instance however if your school has given out all their allocation we may have some spare tickets which we can reserve for you and can be paid for on the door, please contact us if you would like to reserve tickets.

How do I sign my child up to an activity?

Please complete our consent form which can be found on the Participate tab dropdown or the Parents tab dropdown on our website. Once the consent form is complete your child is free to just turn up to the next session.

I have further questions, how do I get in touch?

The best way to contact us is via email:, one of the NTMEH team will respond to you shortly.