Our Achievements

North Tyneside Music Education Hub engages with all 76 schools in North Tyneside.

As well as guaranteeing over 9,500 children in North Tyneside regularly engage in our wider opportunities whole-class instrument tuition programme each year, we also support self-employed music teachers who deliver small-group and individual instrumental lessons in schools.

We run programmes of CPD training for music teachers and other school staff, provide curriculum support and North Tyneside Music Education Hub is always on hand to advise how to make music provision the best it can be in each school.

Our team of NTMEH music tutors also work to lead and support orchestras, bands and choirs that are run in schools and in the community, with over 3,000 young people regularly taking part in extra-curricular music activities across North Tyneside each year.

Over 5,000 young musicians are regularly involved in our North Tyneside Music Education Hub events each year, and we also provide opportunities for our children and young people to engage in other regional and national events with the support of our network of partners.

NTMEH Music Centre provides over 300 young people with the opportunity to attend a wide range of bands, orchestras, choirs and groups.

All of these activities are free of charge. We also run the Standing Upright project, which provides access to music opportunities for disadvantaged young people from across North Tyneside. We offer them the opportunity to work towards Arts Award qualifications and to train to become a NTMEH Young Leader.

NTMEH is always keen to hear from you!  Our music hub continues to grow its offer of a range of opportunities so that we can meet the musical needs of all children and young people in North Tyneside.

Please contact us with any feedback on how we could improve our offer or if you would like to get involved.

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