Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

These key strategic priorities are based on the findings of a robust EDI audit carried out in April 2020, by inclusion consultant Dr Phil Mullen a leading expert on musical inclusion and community music. These key priorities inform a 4-year action plan to be implemented by 2025.

List of Strategic Priorities*

Strategic Priority 1

Inclusion is embedded within the hub at every level. All those professionally engaged or supported by the hub know that inclusion is central to the hub’s future direction and must be embraced by everyone.

Strategic Priority 2

Cultures, policies and procedures are in place to support inclusion and to ensure that appropriate and continuing resources are secured to enable the inclusion strategy to succeed.

Strategic Priority 3

Staff (to include all music service staff, generalist and specialist school music teachers, frontline volunteers and other hub providers) have appropriate and sufficient skills to deliver musically inclusive and musically relevant and engaging practices with all children and young people.

Strategic Priority 4

Through a programme of marketing, awareness raising and advocacy, there is a widely held perception of the hub as one that embraces and foregrounds inclusion and diversity. The hub has engaged with schools and parents to advocate for the positive benefits of musical inclusion.

Strategic Priority 5

The work of the hub to engage in sustainable ways with new groups of children in challenging circumstances has expanded.

Strategic Priority 6

The offer for children with SEND has been significantly expanded, building on current good practice.

Strategic Priority 7

The hub has increased and sustained engagement with children with SEMHD, including those at risk of school exclusion.

Strategic Priority 8

Data is used as a driver for inclusion.

Strategic Priority 9

There is an increased emphasis on a move to long-term engagement in music and a culture of progression for all children (including those in challenging circumstances).

Strategic Priority 10

Monitoring and evaluating the quality of inclusion across the hub is embedded and influences future strategy.

Strategic Priority 11

The hub will have explored the potential of virtuality as it relates to both inclusion and access.

*Presented as outcome statements to be achieved at the end of the four year action plan.

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