North Tyneside Youth Choir Strikes a Chord with Sting at the reopening of Exchange 1856 in North Shields

Musician Sting with members of North Tyneside Youth Choir.


The newly reopened Exchange 1856 in North Shields witnessed an unforgettable moment as iconic local musical Sting was honoured with the freedom of the borough by North Tyneside Council. Adding a harmonious touch to the celebration, the North Tyneside Music Education Hub’s Youth Choir took centre stage. 

The Youth Choir, comprised of talented youngsters aged 11-16 from schools in the North Shields area, stole the spotlight with their breathtaking performance. In a fitting tribute to the local legend, they delivered soul-stirring renditions of local traditional song “Waters of Tyne”, previously recorded by Sting, and Sting’s own “Fields of Gold”.  

Their young voices resonated through the refurbished auditorium at Exchange 1856, leaving the audience captivated by their enthusiasm and passion. The choir’s rendition of Sting’s timeless tracks showcased not only their musical talent but also their dedication to preserving the region’s rich musical heritage. 

The reactions from the audience were nothing short of fabulous, with cheers, applause, and a palpable sense of pride echoing through the venue. Sting himself took a moment to personally congratulate the young performers, singling out soloist Sam for particular praise. The music legend graciously posed for pictures and selfies, creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime for the aspiring musicians. 

The young members of the choir gained invaluable experience from their participation in such a prestigious event. The opportunity to perform for a music icon like Sting is a testament to their dedication and talent, setting the stage for promising musical futures ahead. 

The journey doesn’t end here for the North Tyneside Youth Choir. Rehearsing weekly at John Spence School, they are on the lookout for new members from across the North Tyneside borough. Their next performance is set to dazzle audiences at a vocal showcase at Newcastle University in March. 

For those interested in joining the choir or supporting this musical journey, more information can be found at or by contacting The choir’s dedication to musical excellence promises more enchanting performances in the future, solidifying their place in the vibrant North Tyneside arts community. 


Musician Sting with members of North Tyneside Youth Choir and NTMEH staff